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1. William1Sims was born, say 1655,[3] place unknown. The names of his parents haven’t been proven. William Sims made his will 18 December 1710 in James City County, Virginia. A copy of the first page of his will was attached to two pages of a lawsuit found loose in the back of Louisa County, Virginia, Deed Book B.[4] William Sims probably married twice. He probably married first, circa 1677, wife’s name unknown. She probably died in 1687 in Bruton Parish, Virginia.[5] He probably married second, circa 1687, in James City County, Virginia, to Frances ——. She died after 1734, St. Peter’s Parish, Virginia, when she baptized a negro named Joseph.[6]

Wm. Simes paid quit rents in James City County, Virginia, in 1704, on 650 acres.[7] On 2 November 1705, William Simms was granted 450 acres in New Kent County, Virginia, escheated from John Stevens, decd., by inquisition under John Lightfoot, Esqr., eschr. &c.[8]

Frances Sims had negroes born and baptized in St. Peter’s Parish, Virginia: Aress, a negro boy of Frans. Sims, born 30 May 1727; Sarah, a negro of Frances Sims baptized 20 July 1729; and Joseph, a negro of Frances Sims, 1734.[9]

[3] This date is calculated from the few records surviving for William Sims and the surviving records of his seven sons.

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