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22. Nancy4Sims (Bruster3, Edward2, William1), was born circa 1754, St. Paul’s Parish, Hanover County, Virginia. She married first, circa 1772, Hanover County, to Parke Smith. She married second, between 1777 and 1785, Hanover County, to John Gentry.[120]

Parke Smith was the son of Francis Smith and —— Waddy.[121] Parke Smith was dead when his brother, Thomas Smith, made his will in Louisa County, Virginia, 30 March 1795. Parke Smith deserted Nancy Sims before 23 April 1776 and it is not known if they were divorced. They had two children. One of the children was John Smith, named in Thomas Smith’s 30 March 1795 will in Louisa County.

At the St. Paul's Parish Vestry, 23 April 1776: To Thomas Green for taking care of Parke Smith's wife and 2 children.[122]

The will of Parke Smith’s brother, Thomas Smith, made a bequest to his nephew, John Smith, son of Park Smith, decd.: The will of Thomas Smith was made, 30 March 1795, in Trinity Parish, Louisa County, Virginia, probated 10 April 1797. Debts to be paid. Wife, Tabitha Smith, all estate of every nature until son, Thomas Lilly Smith, comes of age, and in meantime son Thomas Lilly Smith to be supported and educated, and if said son live to age of 18 years he shall at that time be given 2/3 of the estate. In case of my wife’s death prior to that time, whole estate shall revert to Thomas Lilly Smith, but if Thomas should die before reaching age of 18 years, ½ of estate to go to my wife, Tabitha Smith outright, but if Tabitha should remarry she to receive only 1/3 as her full dower. Should son Thomas die before reaching age of 18 years his portion of the estate to be equally divided between testator’s nephews, towit: Edward Johnson [son] of Edward Johnson, decd.; Francis Smith, Jr., son of Francis Smith, and John Smith, son of Park Smith, deceased; a mulatto boy is bequeathed to friend Joseph Bickley, son of Sir William Bickley. To nephew Edward Johnson, £100 on his arriving to age of 21 years. Executors: friends, Capt. George Williamson, John Bickley, Granville Smith, my brother, and Jacob Williamson, son of Jacob Williamson, Sr. and wife, Tabitha Smith. Witnesses: Joseph Bickley, Ambrose Holland.[123]

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