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On 10 March 1785, John Gentry and Nancey, his wife, of Hanover County, confirmed the sale of land to Benjamin Timberlake. This instrument confirmed that Bruster Sims of St. Paul’s Parish, Hanover County, decd., in his lifetime bought from Richard Foster and Sarah, his wife, a tract in St. Paul’s Parish, Hanover County, on branches of Totopotomy Creek. That Bruster Sims died owning this land. Bruster Sims made a will and bequeathed to his daughter, Nancey Sims (now Nancey, the wife of John Gentry), the tract. She first married Parke Smith. Parke Smith sold the tract to George Parke who sold the tract to Joseph Brand who transferred his right thereto to William Sims who transferred his right to John Timberlake, decd., which right was inherited by his son and heir at law, Benjamin Timberlake, who is now in possession of the tract, bounded by Archer’s corner, Tylor’s corner, Gentry’s corner. Parke Smith, who only had a right in the land during the term of his natural life, conveyed the tract, 7 September 1775, and departed this state and it is supposed that Parke Smith is dead. John Gentry and Nancey, his wife, do sell their right to Benjamin Timberlake, all their right to that part of the tract which lies on the south side of the road.[124]

Children of Parke Smith and Nancy Sims:[125]

       24.        i.   John Smith, born circa 1773[126]

       25.       ii.   —— Smith, born circa 1775

[124] Hanover County, Virginia, Deeds 1783-1792, p. 118. /s/ John (+) Gentry, Nancy (+) Gentry. Witnesses: Wm. Woody, Jacob Christian, Charles (x) Tyler. 7 July 1785, acknowledged by John Gentry and Nancey, his wife.

[125] Chamberlayne, The Vestry Book of St. Paul’s Parish 1706-1786, p. 523. 23 April 1776. To Thomas Green for taking care of Parke Smith’s wife and 2 children.

[126] Will of Thomas Smith, Louisa County, Virginia, Will Book 4, p. 7. Named nephew John Smith, son of Parke Smith, decd., 30 March 1795.

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