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135. Roxie Anna7Sims (Hartwell J.6, John5, William4, Bruster3, Edward2, William1), was born April 1848, Lafayette County, Mississippi, died 10 March 1910, Hamburg, Ashley County, Arkansas.[1597] She married 7 October 1873, Ashley County, to Elijah A. Scott,[1598] born 29 June 1843, Winfield, Lincoln County, Missouri, died 7 May 1912, Hamburg, Ashley County, Arkansas, buried in the city cemetery. He served in the Confederate Army, moved to Arkansas in 1873, and to Hamburg, Arkansas, in 1882. He was survived by two sons and five daughters.[1599]

Elijah A. Scott had a livery business on the Hamburg, Arkansas, town square in the 1880s. He was a member of the United Confederate Veterans and was a Mason.

17 September 1896, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Rice of Drew County, are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Scott.[1600] 29 May 1902, Mr. E. A. Scott and his daughter, Miss Mattie Frank, returned from St. Louis, accompanied by his nephew, Marion Waters, who may live here.[1601] 12 March 1903, Miss Mattie Frank Scott was taken sick and brought home this week by her brother, Dr. E. M. Scott.[1602] 23 August 1906, Mrs. E. A. Scott and daughter, Miss Maggie, left for Fort Townsend, Indiana, to visit Mrs. Scott’s sister.[1603] In 1909, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Scott went to visit their daughters, Mrs. Duncan in Fordyce and Mrs. Ogletree in Little Rock.[1604]

[1597] Alice Kennedy Lee, Excepts from the Ashley County Eagle, Ashley County, Arkansas, GenWeb. p. 171, issue 10 March 1910. Mrs. E. A. Scott, one of the most estimable ladies of our community died about 6 o’clock this morning. She leaves a husband, two sons, five daughters. She was a Methodist.

[1598] Ashley County, Arkansas, Marriage Records. E. A. Scott, age 29, to Roxie Anna Sims, age 25, 7 October 1873. Both of Mill Creek.

[1599] Ashley County Eagle, p. 310, issue 9 May 1912. Mr. E. A. Scott died at his home on 7 May 1912. He was born in Winfield, Lincoln County, Missouri, 29 June 1843. He served in the Confederate Army. In 1873 he moved to Arkansas, to Hamburg in 1882. He is survived by two sons and five daughters, burial in the city cemetery.

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