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Children of Elijah A. Scott and Roxie Anna Sims:

     420.        i.   Minnie L. Scott, born February 1869, Louisiana, died after 1910, Dallas County, Arkansas. She married 29 November 1884, Ashley County, Arkansas, to George W. Duncan,[1608] born January 1863.

They lived in Ashley County, Arkansas, in 1900,[1609] and in Fordyce, Dallas County, Arkansas, in 1910.[1610] Their son, Garland Duncan, lived in Beaumont, Jefferson County, Texas, in 1920.

[Minnie was not a daughter of Roxie Anna Sims. She was probably a daughter of Elijah A. Scott by a previous marriage].

     421.       ii.   Hattie U. Scott, born circa 1873, Ashley County, Arkansas, married 21 August 1895, Drew County, Arkansas, to Stanley F. Rice,[1611] born circa 1873. They lived in Hamburg, Ashley County, in 1910, with Elijah A. Scott.

[Hattie was probably not a daughter of Roxie Anna Sims. She was probably a daughter of Elijah A. Scott by a previous marriage].

[1608] Ashley County, Arkansas, Marriage Records. G. W. Duncan, age 22, to Minnie L. Scott, age 16, 29 November 1884.

[1609] 1900 U.S. Census, Ashley County, Arkansas, S.D. 6, E.D. 8, Sheet 257, Bearhouse Twp. Duncan, George, born January 1863, age 37, mar 15 yrs., born Ark. Tenn. N.C., farmer; Minnie L., wife, born February 1869, age 31, mar 15 yrs., born La. Mo. Texas, had had 8 children, 4 living; Terry, son, born February 1886, age 14, born Ark. Ark. La.; Beaulah, dau., born August 1889, age 10; Eddie, son, born February 1893, age 7; Garland, son, born June 1895, age 4. All white.

[1610] 1910 U.S. Census, Dallas County, Arkansas, E.D. 24, Sheet 13, Fordyce. Duncan, George W., age 47, mar1, mar 25 yrs., born Ark. Tenn. N.C.; Minnie L., wife, age 41, mar1, mar 25 yrs., born La. Mo. Ill., had had 9 children, 5 living; Beulah, dau., age 20, single, born Ark. Ark., La., saleslady dry goods; Ed, son, age 16; Garland, son, age 14; Brici L.?, dau., age 9, Henry, son, age 5. All white.

[1611] Drew County, Arkansas, Marriage Records. F. S. Rice, age 22, of Monticello, Drew County, to Hattie U. Scott, age 22, of Hamburg, Ashley County, 21 August 1895.

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