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141. Sarah Ann7Cross (Eliza6Harlan, Elizabeth “Betsy”5Sims, William4, Bruster3, Edward2, William1), was born in 1828, Maury County, Tennessee, died 1893, Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama, buried Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile. She married 6 September 1842, Greene County, Alabama, to Joseph Carroll Calhoun,[1645] born 1813, South Carolina, died 1894, Mobile. Joseph Carroll Cross and Sarah Ann Cross are buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile.[1646]

Joseph C. and Sarah A. Calhoun lived in Mobile, in 1850,[1647] 1860,[1648] and 1880.[1649]

Children of Joseph Carroll Calhoun and Sarah Ann Cross:

     436.        i.   William Joseph Calhoun, born July 1843, Alabama, died 2 May 1922, Purvis, Lamar County, Mississippi. He married first, 11 May 1870, Mobile County, Alabama, to Maggie C. Alexander,[1650] died before 1897. He married second, circa 1897, to Ella Dearman, born April 1867, died 1934. William J. and Ella Calhoun are buried in Coal Town Cemetery, Purvis, Lamar County, Mississippi. He served as a sergeant in the 43rd Alabama Infantry, Confederate Army.[1651]

[1645] Greene County, Alabama, Marriage Records. Joseph C. Calhoun to Sarah Ann Cross, 6 September 1842.

[1646] Tombstones, Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama. Joseph Carroll Calhoun, born 1813, died 1894. Sarah Ann Calhoun, born 1828, died 1893.

[1647] 1850 U.S. Census, Mobile County, Alabama, #685/726. Calhoun, J. C., age 33, male; Ann, age 23, female; W. J., age 7, male; Amanda, age 5, female; Ella, age 3, female; James Calhoun, age 1, male; and J. Cross, age 18, male, born Tenn.

[1648] 1860 U.S. Census, Mobile County, Alabama, p. 628, #1458/1521, P.O. Mobile. Calhoun, Joseph C., age 46, brick maker, $68,000/$25,000, born S.C.; Sarah A., age 32, born Tenn.; William, age 17, born Ala.; Amanda A., age 15; Ella A., age 12; James P., age 10; Frances H. Calhoun, age 3, male; H. D. Fellow, age 20, overseer, born N.Y.

[1649] 1880 U.S. Census, Mobile County, Alabama, S.D. 3, E.D. 140, Sheet 13, Mobile, Ward 6. Calhoun, Joseph C., white, age 66, grocer, born S.C. S.C. S.C.; Sarah A., white, age 52, wife, born Tenn. Va. Tenn.; Amanda, white, age 30, dau., single, born Ala. S.C. Tenn.; Alline S., white, age 18, dau.; Eliza Calhoun, white, age 16, dau.; Caroline Johnson, black, age 47, servant, born Tenn. Va. Va.; John Thomas, black, age 9, servant, born Ala. Ala. Ala.

[1650] Mobile County, Alabama, Marriage Records. William J. Calhoun to Maggie C. Alexander, 11 May 1870.

[1651] Tombstone photographs, Coal Town Cemetery, Purvis, Lamar County, Mississippi. William J. Calhoun, 1 sgt, 43 Ala. Inf. C.S.A., 2 May 1922. Ella Calhoun, born 1867, died 1934.

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