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23. William4Sims (Bruster3, Edward2, William1), was born 7 May 1757[127] in St. Paul's Parish, Hanover County, Virginia, died testate near Mt. Pleasant, Maury County, Tennessee. He made his will, 14 March 1812, with a codicil made 3 February 1813,[128] and died in 1814. He married 9 August 1773 in Hanover County, Virginia (date of bond) to Judith Cross,[129] born 1756,[130] Caroline County, Virginia, died 10 June 1841, Maury County, Tennessee.[131]

Judith Cross was the daughter of Joseph Cross and Elizabeth Burke.[132] Joseph Cross made his will, 4 November 1796, proved 17 April 1797, Hanover County, Virginia. He willed to his daughter, Judith Sims, half of a tract on Stony Run which John Crenshaw has, that part joining Shurley, and £20 current money. Judith Sims was also to share equally with her siblings in the remainder of the estate. The accounting for the estate of Joseph Cross named William Sims as an heir.[133]

[127] Sims Family History, (5 pages) Rebecca Boyce Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, Genealogical Records, Volume XXI, p. 194-198. History compiled by Mrs. Viola Winn Hunt, 11 April 1913. Mrs. Hunt, of Dallas, Texas, copied the records kept by Nicholas P. Sims of Ellis County, Texas, in March of 1883. He was a grandson of William Sims. Nicholas P. Sims, born 15 August 1806, Hanover County, Virginia, died 25 May 1902, Ellis County, Texas. Hereafter cited as Viola Winn Hunt, Sims Family History, 11 April 1913.

[128] Maury County, Tennessee, Will Book A, p. 86.

[129] William Simms or Judith Sims, Revolutionary War Pension File, #R9611. Copy of Marriage bond, Hanover County, Virginia, made by William Sims and Joseph Cross, for £50, 9 August 1773. A marriage is shortly intended to be had and solemized between the above William Sims, bachelor, and Judith Cross, spinster. Certified 28 August 1856 by William O. Winston, clerk of the county court of Hanover, Virginia.

[130] Viola Winn Hunt, Sims Family History, 11 April 1913.

[131] William Simms or Judith Sims, Revolutionary War Pension File, #R9611. Affidavit made by Augustus Sims, 18 April 1857, Maury County, Tennessee. He stated that Judith Sims died in Maury County, 10 June 1841. Augustus Sims was a grandson of William and Judith Sims.

[132] Genealogies of Virginia Families From Tyler’s Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Volume IV (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981), p. 824-825. Will of Henry Burke, made 5 April 1777, proved 10 July 1777, Caroline County, Virginia. The will gave daughter, Elizabeth Cross, four negroes. Executors: son, John Burk and son-in-law, Joseph Cross.

[133] Library of Virginia, Brock Collection. Will of Joseph Cross

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