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William Sims was eight years old when his father, Bruster Sims, died in Hanover County, in 1765. It isn’t known when his mother, Mary Green Sims, died. The Sims family records kept by William’s grandson, Nicholas P. Sims, of Ellis County, Texas, state that William was the son of Bruster Sims.[134] Most of the early Hanover County, Virginia, records haven’t survived, but the evidence that remains confirms this fact.

A copy of the marriage bond for William Sims and Judith Cross is preserved in the Revolutionary War Pension File for William Sims. Bond: William Sims and Joseph Cross, for £50, 9 August 1773. The conditions of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage shortly intended to be had and solemized between the above William Sims, bachelor, and Judith Cross, spinster. Witness: Ro. Tompkins. Hanover County, Virginia: William O. Winston, clerk of the county court of Hanover County, certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the marriage license bond of William Sims and Judith Cross now on file in my office, 28 August 1856. /s/ Wm. O. Winston.[135]

William Sims was sixteen years old when he married Judith Cross. She was seventeen when they married. They lived thirteen miles from Richmond. William Sims was twenty-one years old in 1778.

14 December 1778, William Lipscomb and Elizabeth, his wife, of Trinity Parish, Louisa County, sold to William Sims of Hanover County, for £675, 400 acres on both sides of Rocky Creek, William Lipscomb’s corner on the upper side of Rocky Creek, John Ragland’s line, Tisdale’s line.[136]

At the St. Paul’s Parish Vestry in Hanover County, 12 November 1779, David Gentry and William Sims performed the procession for District 15, for lands of John Thompson, decd., Nelson Anderson, Senr., Geddes Winston, Nathaniel Thompson, Bowler Cocke, Junr., decd., John Jones, John Tinsley, William Tinsley, Bartelott Tyler, and Benjamin Toler. David Gentry and Wm. Symes were ordered to procession the lands in District No. 15, 26 January 1784.[137]

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