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Affidavit: State of Tennessee, Maury County, 18 April 1857, before Henry Miller, acting justice of the peace for said county, personally came Augustus Sims, who is a resident of said county. He was personally acquainted with Judith Sims deceased relict of Wm. Sims decd. He knew Judith many years as a resident in his immediate neighborhood and acquainted with her family which he frequently visited. Judith Sims died in said county, 10 June 1841. Judith and her husband William came from Hanover County, Virginia. Her family name was Cross.[149]

When William Sims died in Maury County, Tennessee, in 1814, he owned land and a slave named George in Hanover County, Virginia.

William Sims was fifty-four years old when he made his will, 14 March 1812, and fifty-seven years old when he died in Maury County, Tennessee, in 1814. He named all twelve of his children in his will: Jenny Winn, John Sims, Elizabeth Harlin, Polly Sims, William Sims, Jr., Milly Crenshaw, Nancy Sims, Patsy Sims, Suckey McCollister, Thomas Sims, Sarah Gilasby, and Frances Sims.

Four of William Sims’s children were unmarried when he made his 14 March 1812 will. Mary “Polly” Sims was thirty-three, Nancy Sims was twenty-seven, Patsy Sims was twenty-four, and Frances Sims was sixteen.

Mary Sims married in 1815 to John Griffith and Frances Sims married in 1816 to John M. Daniel. It isn’t known when Nancy Sims married Jerry Harlan or when Patsy Sims married —— Tuckness.

William’s widow, Judith Sims, died 10 June 1841 at the age of eighty-five. She was included in the Maury County, census in 1820, 1830, and 1840.

In 1820, Judy Sims was the head of her household. She was over 45 years old (born before 1775). Living with her was one male between 16 and 26 (born between 1794 and 1804), and one female, between 26 and 45 (born between 1775 and 1794).[150]

In 1823, Judith Sims paid taxes in Capt. Hart’s District in Maury County, on 200 acres on West Fork, no white polls, and seven black polls.

In 1840, Judith Sims lived in Maury County, Tennessee. She was between 80 and 90 years old (born between 1750 and 1760).

[149] Revolutionary War Pension File of William Simms or Judith Sims, #R9611.

[150] 1820 U.S. Census, Maury County, Tennessee, p. 44. Judy Sims.

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