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William was single and lived with his parents in 1910 in Hamilton County, Texas. He and Liza lived in Harrington, Union County, New Mexico, in 1920.[2205]

Dallas Morning News, 24 January 1963: William A. Daniel, Sr., 322 East Ninth has died. Survivors: daughter, Mrs. Noel Reid; sons, Jack L., James H., and W. A. Daniel, Jr.; eleven grandchildren; sister, Mrs. Ann Foster. Burial: Daniel Cemetery.[2206]

     595.      iii.   Sallie Annie Daniel, born February 1878, Texas, died after 1963, Model, Las Animas County, Colorado. She married 26 December 1895, Hamilton County, Texas, to Mat T. Foster,[2207] born September 1869, Arkansas.

Mat T. and Annie Foster lived in Casa Grande, Pinal County, Arizona, in 1900.[2208] They lived in Hamilton County, Texas, in 1910;[2209] and in Harrington, Union County, New Mexico, in 1920.[2210]

[2205] 1920 U.S. Census, Union County, New Mexico, S.D. 1, E.D. 244, Sheet 2B, Harrington. Daniel, William A., age 45, mar, born Texas Ala. Texas; Liza, wife, age 34, born Texas Texas Texas; W. A., son, age 5, born Texas Texas Texas; Jack L., son, age 6/12, born N.M. Texas Texas All white.

[2206] Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, 24 January 1963, p. 5.

[2207] Hamilton County, Texas, Marriage Records. M. T. Foster to Annie Daniel, 26 December 1895.

[2208] 1900 U.S. Census, Pinal County, Arizona, S.D. 11, E.D. 53, Sheet 6A. Foster, M. T., male, age 30, mar 4 yrs., born Ark. Ark. Ark., teamster; Annie, wife, age 22, mar 4 yrs., born Texas Miss. Texas, had had 2 children, 2 living; James, son, born September 1897, age 3, born Texas; Mable, dau., born October 1898, age 1, born Texas. All white.

[2209] 1910 U.S. Census, Hamilton County, Texas, S.D. 11, E.D. 64, Sheet 17A. Foster, Mat T., age 39, mar1, mar 14 yrs., born Ark. Ark. Ark.; Annie S., wife, age 33, mar1, mar 14 yrs., born Texas Ala. Texas, had had 6 children, 6 living; James C., son, age 13, born Texas; Mable L., dau., age 11, born Texas; Meta A., dau., age 9, born Arizona; Vernard M., son, age 7, born Texas; William, son, age 6; Bertha H., dau., age 2. All white.

[2210] 1920 U.S. Census, Union County, New Mexico, S.D. 1, E.D. 244, Sheet 3A. Foster, Mat T., age 50, mar, born Ark. Ark. Ark.; Sallie Ann, wife, age 42, born Texas Ala. Ky.; Jim, son, age 22, born Texas; Mable, dau., age 20, born Texas; Neta, dau., age 19, born Arizona; Vernard, son, age 17, born Texas; Willie, son, age 14; Bertha, dau., age 12; Weldon, son, age 7; Elds?, son, age 4 6/12, born Texas. All white.

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