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The inventory of the property of John Sims, deceased, 1828: 50 acres and nine negroes. /s/ John D. Sims and Nicholas Sims, executors.[192]

The sale of the estate of John Sims, deceased, was held in 1828. The negroes were sold to Jane W. Grimes, C. W. Knight, Thomas Howard, and Anderson Brooks. Other items were sold to the widow, Mumford Smith, Mathias Lee, and Thomas Sims. /s/ John D. Sims. The sale was recorded 2 December 1830.[193]

The Settlement of the estate of John Sims, deceased, was done by John D. Sims, executor, 11 September 1830. Paid Leml. Phillips, James Stockard, C. W. Porter, Elisha Richard, Jno. W. Smith, Walker and Vail, Jno. Y. Baldridge, Benj. R. Harris, N. W. Briscoe, Cobbs and Dillahunty, Jno. B. Bond, Thos. G. Winn, Wm. E. Gilaspie, Knight and Brewster, West Harris, Anderson Brooks, O. Alexander, Lee and Hodge, Hamilton and Jordan, and Thos. Howard. /s/ Nicholas J. Long and John B. Bond, commissioners. Recorded 2 December 1830.[194]

Children of John Sims and Sarah “Sally” Priddy:

     +43.        i.   John Dabney Sims, born 3 October 1802, Hanover County, Virginia, will made 27 August 1873, will filed 22 April 1878, Ellis County, Texas.[195] He married 12 September 1823, (date of bond), Maury County, Tennessee, to Elizabeth Coleman Elliott.[196]

     +44.       ii.   Nicholas P. Sims, born 15 August 1806, Hanover County, Virginia, died 25 May 1902, Waxahachie, Ellis County, Texas, will made 1 September 1898, filed 3 June 1902, Ellis County.[197] He married first, 23 October 1832, Maury County, Tennessee, to Amanda Zollicoffer.[198] He married second, 14 December 1877, Ellis County, Texas, to his first cousin, Mrs. Eliza Dunlap.[199] (Eliza Harlan Cross Tannehill Dunlap)

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