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363. John Dabney8Sims (William James7, John Dabney6, John5, William4, Bruster3, Edward2, William1), was born 6 January 1860, Ellis County, Texas, died 29 October 1918, Italy, Ellis County, Texas. He married first, 14 January 1885, Ellis County, to Mary B. “Mollie” Darrow,[2653] probably born circa 1861, Alabama, died before 1889, Ellis County, Texas. He married second, 6 January 1889, Ellis County, to Elnora Erothlo “Nora” Baucom,[2654] born 26 September 1868, Haywood County, Tennessee, died 23 August 1937, Italy, Ellis County, Texas.[2655] John Dabney and Elnora Sims are buried in Italy Cemetery, Italy, Ellis County, Texas.[2656]

Elnora E. Baucom was the daughter of Elisha Lafayette Baucom, born 13 January 1829, Tennessee, and Mary Agnes Sowell, born 21 December 1831,[2657] Tennessee, died 22 October 1906, buried Milford Cemetery, Milford, Ellis County, Texas.[2658] Elisha Baucom and Mary A. Sowell married, 13 January 1853, in Maury County, Tennessee.[2659] E. Lafayette and Mary Baucom lived in Haywood County, Tennessee, in 1860[2660] and 1880.[2661]


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