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364. Mary Hardeman8Sims (William James7, John Dabney6, John5, William4, Bruster3, Edward2, William1), was born 27 November 1861, near Italy, Ellis County, Texas, died 6 June 1946,[2678] Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas. She married 3 January 1878, Italy, Ellis County, to Joseph Elisha Martin,[2679] born 15 June 1853, Crawford County, Missouri, died 12 June 1921,[2680] aged 67, Valley View,[2681] Cooke County, Texas,[2682] son of Madison Green Martin and Anastasia Pierre.[2683] Joseph E. and Mary Hardeman Sims Martin are buried in Valley View Cemetery, Valley View, Cooke County, Texas.[2684]

Joseph E. Martin moved from Maries County, Missouri, to Ellis County, Texas, in 1872, with some of his brothers and uncles. Joseph E. and Mary Martin lived near Italy, Texas, from 1878 until 1881. From 1881 to 1884, they lived in Massey, about four miles southwest of Bynum, Hill County, Texas. From 1886 to 1903, they lived near Bynum, Hill County. In 1904 they moved from Hill County, to Hereford, Deaf Smith County, Texas, where he leased land. In 1906, they moved to Glasscock County, Texas, near Garden City where Joe had a sheep ranch. In 1909 they moved to Valley View, Cooke County, Texas. Joe and several of his sons herded the stock and rode in covered wagons in the move to Cooke County. Joe’s wife, Mary, daughter Pearl and the babies, Jack and Bert, rode the train from Garden City to Valley View.

[2678] Texas Death Certificate 26005. Mrs. Mary Hardeman Martin, born 27 November 1861, Italy, Texas, died 6 June 1946, Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas. Female, white, age 85 years, 5 months, 21 days, widowed. Residence: Valley View, Cooke County. Burial: Valley View Cemetery.

[2679] Ellis County, Texas, Marriage Book C, p. 418. And, original marriage license. Joseph E. Martin to Miss Mary H. Sims issued 1 January 1878 by B. F. Hawkins, clerk for Ellis County. Marriage performed by J. H. Douglas, M.G., 3 January 1878. Verso of license: J. D. Sims do solemly swear that my mother is willing for my sister Mary H. Sims to marry Mr. Joseph E. Martin.

[2680] Family data, Joseph E. Martin Family Bible. The Authorized Edition of the New Testament and the Revised Version of A.D. 1881. The Western Installment Book Co. (Kansas City: 1882); original owned in 2011 by Michal Martin Farmer, Dallas, Texas. The Martin Family Bible passed from Mary Hardeman Sims Martin to her son David Springer Martin, and to his granddaughter, Michal Martin Farmer. Birth dates for Joseph E. Martin, Mary H. Martin, and all of their twelve children. Death date of Joseph E. Martin and son, Ople Thurman Martin.

[2681] Texas Death Certificate 16031. Joe E. Martin, died 12 June 1921, Valley View, Cooke County, Texas, male, white, married, born 15 June 1852, Missouri, age 67 years, 11 months, 27 days, farmer. Father: Matterson Martin, born Missouri. Mother: Allice Perry born Missouri. Burial: Valley View Cemetery.

[2682] Joseph E. Martin obituary.

[2683] Maries County, Missouri, Estate Papers of Madison G. Martin, 8 September 1903. Son: Joseph Martin of Texas.

[2684] Tombstones, Valley View Cemetery, Valley View, Cooke County, Texas.

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