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   +705.       x.   Jack Beall Martin, born 22 August 1901, near Bynum, Hill County, Texas, died 12 January 1988, Gainesville, Texas. He married 20 January 1929, Cooke County, Texas, to Mary Evalyn McCollum.[2705]

     706.      xi.   Thurman Opel Martin, born 21 June 1903, near Bynum, Hill County, Texas, died 1 May 1907, Garden City,[2706] Glasscock County, Texas, of membrancous croup, buried Garden City Cemetery.[2707]

     707.     xii.   Bert Allen Martin, born 17 August 1906, Garden City, Glasscock County, Texas, died 1 April 1973, Denton, Denton County, Texas. He married 25 December 1932, Oklahoma, to Addie Lewis of Era, Cooke County, born 28 July 1908, died 4 April 1991, Denton County. They had no children. Bert and Addie are buried in Valley View Cemetery, Valley View, Cooke County, Texas.[2708]

[2705] Cooke County, Texas, Marriage Records. Jack B. Martin to Mary Evelyn McCollum, 20 January 1929.

[2706] Joseph E. and Mary H. Sims Martin Family Bible. Ople Thurman Martin died at Garden City Tex May 1st 1907.

[2707] Obituary, Garden City Gazette, 7 June 1907. Clipping in family bible.

[2708] Tombstones, Valley View Cemetery. Bert A. Martin, born 1906, died 1973. Addie Lewis Martin, born 28 July 1908, died 4 April 1991.

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