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In the Name of God Amen. I, Wm. Sims of James City County, being very sick and weak but of perfect sence and memory blessed by Almightly God...after debts and funeral charges paid, I give and bequeath as follows: To my Son, William and his heirs, my Mannor plantation that I now live upon from the white meadows to Dormars line to Disum along Dormars line to a deep bottom called Cook's Spring Branch down to the Wolfe Swamp, up from thence to the 4th line so away Easterly till it comes to a road to Phillips path. 2: I give to my son, Robert Sims all land with the bounds as follows: beginning at the white meadows to a …[10]

Children of William Sims:[11]

       +2.        i.   John Sims, born circa 1678, died after the 24 December 1745 suit, in Hanover County, Virginia.

       +3.       ii.   Matthew Sims, born circa 1680, died after the 24 December 1745 suit, and before 10 February 1748/9 in Hanover County, Virginia,[12] married 3 March 1708/9, St. Peter’s Parish, Virginia, to Hannah Mitchell.[13]

       +4.      iii.   Edward Sims, born circa 1684, died circa 1766, Hanover County, Virginia, married Elizabeth ——.

       +5.      iv.   George Sims, born circa 1686, died after 1743 and before the 24 December 1745 suit, in Hanover County, Virginia, probably married Sarah Snead.

       +6.       v.   William Sims, born circa 1690. William Sims isn’t seen in any of the records of Hanover or Louisa Counties, Virginia. He may be the William Sims who died 17 February 1725/6 in St. Peter’s Parish, Virginia. Either William Sims died young or he moved to a different locality than his brothers.

       +7.      vi.   Robert Sims, born circa 1692, will made 10 April 1748, proved 24 May 1748, Louisa County, Virginia, married Susanna ——.

       +8.     vii.   James Sims, born circa 1695, died after the 24 December 1745 suit, in Hanover County, Virginia. He married Eliza Parish in St. Peter’s Parish, Virginia.

[10] Davis, Louisa County, Virginia, Deed Books A & B, 1742-1759, p. 150.

[11] First page of the Will of William Sims, made 18 December 1710, James City County, Virginia, included with suit papers in Louisa County, Virginia, 24 December 1745.

[12] Virginia Patent Book 27, p. 87. Land granted to John Sims, adjoining Matthew Sims, decd.

[13] Chamberlayne, The Vestry Book and Register of St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia, 1684-1786, p. 416.

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