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Children of William D. Morton and Lucy Emilene Whitefield:

     756.        i.   Clemmie P. Morton, born June 1892, Ellis County, Texas, died 27 May 1968, Ector County, Texas.[3006] She married 18 January 1916, Somervell County, Texas, to Millard R. Weaver,[3007] born circa 1887, Kentucky. They lived in Amarillo, Potter County, Texas, in 1920.[3008]

     757.       ii.   George M. Morton, born circa 1903, Ellis County, Texas.

[3006] Texas Death Record. Clemmie Weaver, died 27 May 1968, Ector County, Texas.

[3007] Somervell County, Texas, Marriage Records. Millard R. Weaver to Clemmie P. Morton, 18 January 1916.

[3008] 1920 U.S. Census, Potter County, Texas, S.D. 18, E.D. 204, Sheet 1B. Weaver, M. R., age 33, mar, born Ky. U.S. U.S., insurance, real estate; Clemmie, wife, age 28, mar, born Texas Tenn. Texas. Both white.

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