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Franklin Wolcott Whitefield of Midland graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. degree in E.E.

Daughter: Anne Elizabeth Whitefield, born 23 January 1928, Harris County, Texas.[3029] Franklin, Louise, and Elizabeth lived in Houston, Harris County, Texas, in 1930. Louise’s sisters, Brookie and Ruth Gilliam lived with them. Franklin worked at a cotton compress; Louise and Brookie were public school teachers.[3030]

     763.       ii.   Ina Elizabeth Whitefield, born circa 1908, Midland, Texas, married before 1933, to Henry Johnson Phillips.

     764.      iii.   Eulalia Whitefield, born circa 1913, Midland, Texas

[3029] Harris County, Texas, Births 1928. Parents: Franklin Wolcott Whitefield and Louise Gilliam.

[3030] 1930 U.S. Census, Harris County, Texas, S.D. 26, E.D. 101-207, Sheet 2A. Whitefield, Franklin, age 28, mar at 25; Louise, wife, age 28, mar at 25; Elizabeth Whitefield, dau., age 2 3/12; Brookie Gilliam, sis-in-law, age 36, single; Ruth Gilliam, sis-in-law, age 25, single.

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