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Children of Hollis Luther Horne and Allie Agnes Sims:

     778.        i.   Cecil Horne, born 1908, died circa 1916.

     779.       ii.   Tyre Hollis Horne, born 21 April 1909, Italy, Ellis County, Texas, died 24 August 1933, Ellis County, Texas.

Dallas Morning News, 28 August 1933: Waxahachie, Texas, August 27 – Knocked by a passing truck from the fender of the automobile on which he was riding near here, Tyre Horn, 24, of Italy, who has been working on a farm near Maypearl, was killed instantly Saturday night. Two men were arrested. They were said to have occupied the truck. Young Horne and a youth named Carroll, 12, who lived near Maypearl, had obtained rides with Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kelleher from Waxahachie. Young Carroll, being en route home and Mr. Horne journeying to the residence of Frank Reeves near Waxahachie, by whom he was employed. Carroll was on the right fender and Horne on the left. Investigating officers state that Kelleher said he saw a truck coming at a lively clip and to avoid an accident drove off into the grass at the side of the road, but the truck sideswiped Horne off the fender. The youth was crashed against the coupe on which he had been riding with such force that a glass was broken out of the door.[3089]

     780.      iii.   Allie Mae Horne, born 18 February 1911, Italy, Ellis County, Texas, died 11 March 1991, Quitman, Wood County, Texas, buried in Lakeview Memorial Park. She married Brice Johnson, died 1983.[3090]

     781.      iv.   Charlie Sims Horne, born 6 September 1912, Italy, Ellis County, Texas, died 8 February 2003, Waxahachie, Ellis County, Texas, buried Lakeview Cemetery.[3091] He married 15 November 1936, to Dorothy Louise Smith, born 5 December 1914, died 21 July 2006. They are buried in Lakeview Memorial Park, Waxahachie, Ellis County, Texas.[3092]

     782.       v.   Pauline Horne, born 8 February 1914, Italy, Ellis County, Texas, died 6 June 2002, married Thomas Elzie Watson.

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[3092] Tombstone photograph, Lakeview Memorial Park, Waxahachie, Ellis County, Texas. Horne – Charlie Sims, born 6 September 1912, died 8 February 2003. Dorothy Louise, born 5 December 1914, died 21 July 2006. Married 15 November 1936.

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