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     +64.      iv.   Samuel R. McAlister, born 10 March 1825, Washington County, Tennessee, died 17 February 1889, Adairsville, Bartow County, Georgia, buried in Oothcalooga Baptist Church Cemetery, Adairville, Georgia.[260] He married 27 October 1853, Rutherford County, North Carolina, to Jane King.[261]

     +65.       v.   Eleanor R. “Ellen” McAlister, born 30 April 1827, Washington County, Tennessee, died 5 November 1901, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, married 20 September 1849, Washington County, Tennessee, Caleb E. King.[262]

     +66.      vi.   Margaret Caroline McAlister, called Carrie, born February 1829, Washington County, Tennessee, died after 1910, Raton, Colfax County, New Mexico,[263] married 25 January 1872, Washington County, Tennessee, to Stephen D. Stout.[264]

       67.     vii.   James McAlister, born circa 1833, Washington County, Tennessee.

[260] Tombstone, Oothcalooga Baptist Church Cemetery, Adairsville, Bartow County, Georgia. Samuel R. McAlister, born 10 March 1825, died 17 February 1889.

[261] Rutherford County, North Carolina, Marriage Records. Samuel R. McAlister to Jane King, 27 October 1853.

[262] Washington County, Tennessee, Marriage Records. Caleb King to Ellen McAllister, 20 September 1849.

[263] 1910 U.S. Census, Colfax County, New Mexico, S.D. 37, Sheet 1. Head of household: Tennie Codlin, female, white, age 54, widow, born Tenn. Tenn. N.C. Lodger: Carrie Stout, female, white, age 81, widow, born Tenn. Md. Va. (Carrie was Tennie’s aunt).

[264] Washington County, Tennessee, Marriage Records. Stephen D. Stout to Margaret C. McAllister, 25 January 1872.

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