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36. Sarah5Sims (William4, Bruster3, Edward2, William1), was born 6 January 1793, Hanover County, Virginia,[290] will made 3 September 1844, proved 1 June 1846, Greene County, Tennessee.[291] She married circa 1808, Greene County, Tennessee, to Allen Gillespie, born July 1765, Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland.[292] His will was made 9 June 1842, proved 5 September 1842, Greene County, Tennessee.[293] He is buried in Providence Presbyterian Cemetery, in Greene County, just over the Washington County line next to Providence Presbyterian Church, 2165 Happy Valley Road, Limestone, Tennessee.[294]

Allen Gillespie was the son of George Gillespie, Sr. who moved to the Watauga country in 1772. George Gillespie’s stone house is just off State Road 34 at Limestone, Tennessee. The house was built in 1792 for Gillespie by Seth Smith. It is very near Davy Crockett’s birthplace. It is in Greene County, Tennessee, where U.S. Highway 11E and 321 cross, almost to the Washington County line.

George Gillespie, Senior, of Greene County, Territory of the U.S. South of Ohio River, wrote his will 14 December 1793. To wife, Martha, 100 acres, the dwelling house, use of Stathorn stable, negro Dick, wench Else, and personal property. To son Thomas and his son George. To daughter Martha Jack and her son George. To daughter Jane Gillespie a tract I bought from James and Charles McCarthey in Greene County, negro girls Racket and Sue. To son John the plantation where he lives up the mouth of Big Limestone, 500 acres. To daughter Elizabeth Hayes, negroes Dorcus and Sally, to her son Charles Hayes when he is 15. To grandson George Gillespie, son of John, a horse when he is 15. Sons, George, Allen, and James to have remainder of the estate equally divided. Executors: wife, Martha, and sons, George and Allen. Witnesses: Henry Earnest, F. A. Ramsey, George Galleher.[295]

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[294] Tombstone, Providence Presbyterian Church, Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee. Allen Gillespie, born 26 July 1769, died 19 August 1849. These dates are incorrect. Allen was born in July 1765 and died between June and September 1842.

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