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38. Thomas Grimes6Winn (Jane “Jenny”5Sims, William4, Bruster3, Edward2, William1), was born 19 October 1807, Washington County, Tennessee, died 14 January 1858, Guadalupe County, Texas. He married 11 June 1829, Tennessee, to Ann M. Swift,[342] born circa 1808, died after 1850 and before 1858, Guadalupe County, Texas.

Texas Christian Advocate: Died in Guadalupe County, Texas, on the 14th instant, Thomas G. Winn. He immigrated from Henry County, Tennessee, to Texas in December 1851. Died of consumption, of which malady his wife had previously died. Member of the M. E. Church South. John W. Phillips, Seguin, February 12th, 1858.[343]

Even though Thomas died in Guadalupe County, part of his estate was settled in Dallas County, Texas. F. A. Winn was executor of the estate of T. G. Winn, deceased.[344]

Thomas G. Winn paid taxes in Henry County, Tennessee, in 1836, on 200 acres, 1 poll. Thomas G. Winn lived in Henry County, Tennessee, in 1850.[345]

After Thomas Winn died in Guadalupe County, his children moved to Dallas County, Texas. In 1860, Emmaretta and Gus. H. Winn lived with their uncle, Frances Asbury Winn. In 1860, Viola and Thomas M. Winn lived with their uncle, William M. Winn, in Dallas County, Texas.

[342] Texas Death Record of daughter, Emmaretta R. Winn West identifies her mother as Swift. Daughter, Viola Winn Hunt, mentioned her grandmother Swift in the 5 page Sims family history in 1913.

[343] Helen Mason Lu, Texas Methodist Newspaper Abstracts (Dallas, Tex as, 1987), Volume I, p. 62. Texas Christian Advocate, 2 March 1858, Volume IV, No. 29, published in Galveston, Galveston County, Texas. Editor: Rev. C. C. Gillespie.

[344] Dallas County, Texas, probate packet #690, T. G. Winn, deceased. F. A. Winn, executor.

[345] 1850 U.S. Census, Henry County, Tennessee, p. 407, #34/34. Winn, Thomas G., age 42, farmer, $2000, born Tenn.; Ann M., age 42, born Va.; John F., age 17, blind, born Tenn.; Philip, age 15; Thomas J., age 11; Viola, age 9; Emmaetta, age 7; Richard, age 4; Gustavus H., age 1.

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