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   +102.      iii.   John F. Winn, born 21 August 1840, Wayne County, Tennessee, died after 1880, Denton County, Texas, married 1 July 1866, Dallas County, Texas, to Isabella J. Daniel.[364] John and Isabella were second cousins. She was the daughter of William J. Daniel and granddaughter of Frances Sims Daniel. [Isabella J. Daniel is #276 in this genealogy].

   +103.      iv.   William Moritz Winn, born 29 December 1842, Alabama, died 25 March 1895, Dallas County, Texas, buried Keenan Cemetery, Farmers Branch, Dallas County, Texas,[365] married 20 April 1871, Dallas County, Texas, to Peninnah Virginia “Jennie” Good.[366]

Moritz Winn died in Dallas County. The house of Mrs. J. Winn is marked on Sam Street’s 1900 map of Dallas County, Texas. The house was in the country in 1900. Today it is just west of Midway Road, and a little bit north of LBJ Freeway, on the original Noah Good Survey. 

     104.       v.   Augusta Winn, born 28 October 1845

     105.      vi.   Amelia Winn, born 28 October 1845

     106.     vii.   Emma F. Winn, born 22 May 1848, Tennessee, died 10 April 1879, Bosque County, Texas, married 5 November 1876, Dallas County, Texas, to P. W. Williams.[367] In 1880, P. W. Williams, Jr. lived in Kimball, Bosque County, Texas.[368]

     107.    viii.   Philip P. Winn, born 25 February 1851, Tennessee, died 1917. He married 10 January 1877, Brazos County, Texas, to Emma Ellison,[369] born 1859, died 1945. They are buried in Sayre-Doxey Cemetery in Beckham County, Oklahoma.[370] In 1880, Philip P. Winn lived in Eastland County, Texas.[371]

     108.      ix.   Thomas A. Winn, born 11 October 1855, Tennessee. He lived with his mother in 1870.

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[369] Brazos County, Texas, Marriage Records. P. P. Winn to Emoretta Ellison, 10 January 1877.

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