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Child of William M. Winn and Mary S. Weakley:

   +114.        i.   Sarah E. “Sallie” Winn, born January 1844, DeSoto County, Mississippi, died after 1920, Cochise County, Arizona,[397] married first, 24 March 1867, Dallas County, Texas, to Benjamin E. Church,[398] married second, 16 January 1876, Dallas County, to William F. Williams.[399]

Dallas History: Dallas County, Texas, was formed in 1846. The population was about 800 in 1846. 2,743 in 1850; 8,665 in 1860; 13,414 in 1870; and 33,477 in 1880. By 1920, Dallas County, had a population of 210,551; in 1950, 614,799; 1990, 1,852,810; and 2010, 2,368,139.

In 1850, the city of Dallas had about 430 people. In 1880, the city of Dallas had a population of 10,358. In 1890, Dallas had about 38,000 people, in 1900, 42,639. In 1920, 158,976; 1930, 260,475; 1940, 295,000; 1950, 434,462; and 1960, 679,684. In 2010, the city of Dallas is about 1,300,000.

The city of Dallas had gas lamps installed in 1874. The first telephone was installed in 1880. In 1890, the city of Dallas annexed the city of East Dallas. In 1903, the city of Dallas annexed Oak Cliff, south of the Trinity River. Southern Methodist University opened in 1915. Love Field was built during World War I. It became a municipal airport in 1927.

In 1850, Dallas County had two churches and 10 one teacher public school houses with 170 pupils, and 278 farms. The only cotton gin in the county was in Farmers Branch, which was near the Peters Colony field office.

Historian Gus L. Ford, who married into this family, wrote a series of articles for the Dallas Morning News during the 1940s. The series was called Dallas Long Long Ago. Gus studied the records of Dallas County and estimated that in 1846 Dallas County had 127 families, 153 single men, and two minors. The total Dallas County population in 1850 was 793 people.

[397] 1920 U.S. Census, Cochise County, Arizona, S.D. 2, E.D. 10, Sheet 8. Head of family, James W. Church, male, white, age 50, married, born Texas Tenn. Tenn.; Sarah E. Williams, mother, female, white, age 76, widow, born Tenn. Tenn. Tenn.

[398] Lu and Neumann, Marriages, Dallas County, Texas, Books A-E (1846-1877), p. 16. Benjamin E. Church to Sarah E. Winn, 24 March 1867.

[399] Lu and Neumann, Marriages, Dallas County, Texas, Books A-E (1846-1877), p. 42. Wm. F. Williams to Mrs. Sarah Church, 16 January 1876, by W. R. Smith, M.G.

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