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    Henry Thompson settled on Stephens Creek. His neighborhood was sparsely settled for many years. The land in his district was on the waters of Stephens Creek, Sherrill’s Creek, Ogeechee River, and Little River. The neighborhood is now that part of Taliaferro County west of Crawfordville, bounded on the south and west by the North Fork of the Ogeechee River and on the north by Sherrill’s Creek.
    Henry didn’t move from 1785 to 1809. In Wilkes County the militia companies changed captains and the district lines shifted as the population grew. From 1796 to 1802, Henry lived in the western part of District RR in Wilkes County. The western part of District RR was put into Greene County, in 1802. The entire area was put into Taliaferro County, in 1825.
    Henry Thompson lived on Stephens Creek in Wilkes County, Georgia, from 1785 until 1802. In 1802, Henry’s land was taken from Wilkes County, and put into Greene County, Georgia. Henry lived in Greene County, from 1802 until 1809, when he moved to Jones County, Georgia. (Henry’s Greene County land on Stephens Creek was put into Taliaferro County, Georgia, in 1825). Henry lived in Jones County, from 1809 until 1823.
    Henry Thompson in Wilkes County, Georgia
    Henry Thompson received four grants for land in Wilkes County, Georgia. In 1786, he received a grant for 150 acres;4 in 1788, 200 acres;5 in 1788, 200 acres;6 and in 1801, 76 acres.7 The four grants were on Stephens Creek adjoining each other. Henry paid taxes in Wilkes County, on 287 ½ acres in Washington County, Georgia, in 1785. He paid taxes in Wilkes County, on this same 287 ½ acres in Greene County, Georgia, in 1786 and 1787. There is no surviving grant or deed indicating how Henry acquired this land. There is no surviving deed for the sale of the 287 ½ acres in Greene County.

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